The story begins…

On the continent of Cassala talk of things beyond the here and now are purely fantasy and fairytales. There are no demons, angels, or monsters from forgotten places. There is much weird in the world, though. Aggressive plants, the undead, slimes and oozes, and stranger things are known to exist. Magic exists, arcane and divine are just different practices that tap their own natural well of power. Arcane spellcasting takes from the Mage himself. His knowledge of working the magic and his inner potential play important roles. A Divine spellcaster, be they Cleric, Druid, or something else, all revolve around the power of ideas and concepts. Anything can grant Divine power if enough people think it can.

Although… Things are changing. Secrets are discovered, veils have started to crumble, there are events in motion that could change the entire world.

Our daring heroes are soon to stumble upon this rabbit hole. How deep will they go?

Shadows of Cassala

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