Shadows of Cassala

Second Session: Old Bugs and New Friends

On the 3rd Month, 21st Day, 1014th Year of the Age

In the very early hours of the morning Mornenion (Elven Wizard), Mossy Rock (Half-Orc Druid), and Kertug (Half-Orc Fighter) found themselves awake and remembering the events of the past night. The ceremony, the shadows, all of it fresh in mind but vaguely recognized.

They set to walking to the town of Lacey where they hoped Mossy Rock could help identify the strange plant sealed in Master Elestial Starstrider’s force orb. Kertug was resistant to entering the town. Mossy Rock wasn’t excited to either but was willing.

When they arrived at the residence of Elestial and Mornenion they found the Master at work in the basement. He revealed that there was no more plant to inspect but rather a single black worm had taken its place within the sphere. It had apparently happened overnight while he slept. The characters explained what they went through during the night and told him of the black worms found after the battle. The worm they have encased seems to be one of them. Elestial then sent them on the errand of bringing Jonas Lee, a local bug expert, to the lab to assist in identifying the worm.

When they arrived at the Lee residence there was a human male there going by the name of Raven (Catfolk Ninja) just concluding business with Jonas. It was explained that Elestial wanted Jonas to help identify a bizarre worm and he agreed to help.

A young boy, little more than a street urchin, ungracefully entered the scene and begged on Jonas’s assistance with a bug problem. Apparently Manald, a portly Halfling baker, had an investation of demonic beetles terrorizing his stock room. Mornenion and Jonas correctly guessed they would be Fire Beetles. Raven decided to follow along with the group, he sensed something relevant to his interests was happening around them.

A battle was fought in the cramped store room. The beetles proved to be excellent at hiding their glow so it took some time to find and kill them all.They were rewarded with loaves of bread from the baker and a used Wand of Cure Light Wounds from Jonas and headed back to the Wizards’ home.

Once there Jonas explained that the worm in the orb appeared to be in all ways “wrong.” It certainly resembled a worm at first glance but everything about it was slightly “off” in impossible ways. A number of assumptions have been made and Elestial has decided it’s time to call another Wizard’s Moot. It will take some time and effort for him to reach everyone and explain the urgency so he asked his apprentice and associates if they would travel into the mountain range and seek out a wizard named Agmen. He is impossible to reach via magic and has an abundance of illusions guarding his domain but he would be very useful to have at the Moot. They agreed to go.


Rewards for this Session: 500 EXP, 3 Fire Beetle Glands (Sheds light like a torch – Durations: 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days), 4 Loaves of High Quality Bread, and a Wand of Cure Light Wounds (CL 1 with 20 Charges)


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